Don't Get Carried Away

Sunday, March 17, 2013

You know the point in the quilt making process when everything is coming together and you start getting really excited about finishing the quilt top?

Well, this is where I will normally make my mistakes.  Yesterday was no exception.  I'm working on my next UFO.  I have a great pattern by Debbie Caffrey - Barbara's Antique.  I loved the look of it and it was a great opportunity to use one of my fabrics in a different way.  I love Robert Kaufman's Fusions and tend to use them as background fabrics.  Fusions is the only fabric I used in the blocks.  There are so many colors available that I could easily pick 10 sets of fat quarters in light and dark.  I used the Fusions Spray & Fusions Vine in various colors.

Not Quite Ready to Name It
The blocks have been done for 2 + years. When I started working on finishing projects in January, this is one of the first ones I started with.  I squared up the first row.  Then thought, Hey, I should put together the first row to see what it will look like.  Not content to leave patterns as they are, I decided to add a sashing. Repeat with the next two rows.  Now I had 3 rows...hmmm...I should put them together to see how it's shaping up.

In my rush to see the finished product, I must have sewn, ripped, sewn, ripped, sewn, ripped the three rows together many times. Pins, who needs to pin?  Ooops, my rows aren't lining up on the column. Humpf! Rip.  Hmmm...I attached that sash to the wrong side.  Rip.  Oh boy!  That sash was on the right side and now I've attached it to the wrong row because I lost a counting pin in row 3 and thought it was row 2.  I should have trusted my gut and known I wouldn't have put the oranges that close together.  Rip.  You get the idea.

So yesterday's project was to finish at least the first three rows so I can get back on track.  Mission accomplished!  It was so frustrating, but as I look at how it's coming along, I'm really happy with my color choices and the decision to add the sashing.

Today's goal: Get the last two rows done.
Secondary goal: Add the side sash.

As long as I don't get carried away by the excitement of finishing this top, I should be far less mistake prone!

Quilt. Create. Enjoy!


PS: Any thoughts on how to quilt the blocks?

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