Midnight Madness / Motif Monday 4

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ok, so I had a very busy weekend.  My beautiful niece made her First Communion on Saturday.  We made the hour & 45 min long drive out to PA for the mass.  It was lovely and we had a great luncheon afterwards.  My back was less than thrilled on Sunday after 3 1/2 hours in the car, so after initially heading back out to PA for Mother's Day with my mom, I turned around to give my back a well deserved rest.

After a nice, long nap, I got back to quilting.  Since I spent yesterday laying low, I was able to get some sketching done, I worked out some of the details of the Floating Sampler BOM I'm starting in June, and I worked on the quilting motifs for my block swap squares. Today you get a twofer: my favorite blog posts and motifs.

This Week's Favorite Blog Posts!

Here are blog posts from this past week you should definitely take a look at.

Happy Quilting
Melissa ran a really great Celebrate Mom event.  She had 6 guest posters write about being a mom and quilter.

Monkey Do
Katy is starting a quilt along June 1st.  I'm considering doing joining in.  She's using Rachel Griffiths Impromptu pattern.  You'll need a layer cake and 6.5 yards of fabric if you're interested.

Motif Monday

Last Monday I left you with this image of my block swap blocks.

MLK Block Swap
I want to thank all of you for your input.  I ended up with some straight lines, some curves and an undecided background.  I printed out the image and started drawing on it.  Here's what I've decided on.

MLK Block Swap Quilting Designs
Tree:  I wanted something geometric to go inside the tree.  I'll probably make those lines curved to flow better with the other blocks but you get the idea.
House:  The brick work will get a ribbon around the main elements, shingling on the roof and an attic window.
Basket:  An echo of the basket is going to be fancied up with my curly tulipy design.
Pinwheelish: The design is inspired by this motif, except rectangles instead of the triangles.
Heart:  I have a heart feather in there but I may change my mind.

Stay tuned for more information on the Floating Sampler BOM.  Subscribe by Memorial Day if you'd like a sneak peek.

Quilt. Create. Enjoy!


PS: I did get some FMQ done yesterday, but more on that tomorrow.


3 Responses to “Midnight Madness / Motif Monday 4”

  1. Great quilting motifs! Visiting from Blossom Heart Quilts Monday Link Up.

  2. Awesome! thanks for the links. I'll try to check them out this week.



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