Motif Monday 5

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ooops...a day late!

Today's motif is a free motion, continuous line oak leaf.  I used this as a block motif and a border motif.

First, a little about the project I used it in.  I did a 10" fall fabric square swap in September.  I'm a little funny about fabric swaps.  The varying fabric preferences can lead to either a great swap or a less than fulfilling swap.  I've come to terms with the occasional interesting (sticks out like a sore thumb) fabric selection.  What I don't like is mixing LQS and non-LQS fabrics.  For this last swap, we were all very specific about what was being swapped and all went well.

Back to the actual quilt.  Here's the top pinned using #1 curved pins with Quilters Delight Safety Pin Quilt Covers and a Kwik Klip. You can see the nice group of fall fabrics we were working with.

Fall Quilt Pinned

Here it is quilted:

Quilted with Binding on Front
For the block motif, you'll be FMQ'ing forward and backward.  It's a simple enough pattern.  Even if you're not accustomed to quilting in all directions, you can use this motif to help build the your directional skills. I started at the bottom of the stem for the block and border.

My test block
And here's the border:

I'll post a directional photo and the border on black next Monday.

I really like how nicely these worked for my quilt.  I hope one of them is useful to you.

Quilt. Create. Enjoy!


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