Motif Monday 2

Monday, April 29, 2013

Today's motif includes a block and a sashing.  It's a little silly looking and you might think I called this one in, but let me go through my logic and it'll all come together.

I like crinkle cut fries - also known as worm fries or caterpillar fries. Ok, so maybe I'm the only one who call them worm/caterpillar fries.  Anyhow, I thought they might make a fun border design.  I also tried it as a block fill design, say for small cornerstones, but I'll have to work on that one a bit more.

Ok, back to my drawing.

So here's how this one's a twofer.

1. I couldn't decide if the fry edges were sharp or curved so I did both.  The top and left side of the drawing have curved lines, while the right and bottom have angled lines.

2. I thought about doing curls in each of the pinwheel triangles, but thought it might be a little nicer to only have the curls in the backgrounds.  The pinwheels themselves will ditch stitched and then have the inner echo.

So I've decided to show you my fry fill.  Looks more like a fabric sketch to me, but it gives you an idea of where my mind was today. (Note to self: Eat breakfast.)

The pinwheel on the right shows the outlined pinwheel and curved lines inside.  I like to keep my quilting as continuous as possible so I'll likely go with this design for inside the pinwheels.  I'm not convinced the curls are the best option for the background triangles.  I might use Leah Day's Micro Zippling in this area.  I could just echo in the triangle like a little maze and travel stitch back out to the center of the block to move on to the wiggle ghost in the pinwheel.

I hope this has given you something to think about and that one of these is useful to you.

I'm linked up to Let's Get Acquainted and Anything Goes.

Quilt. Create. Enjoy!



2 Responses to “Motif Monday 2”

  1. Great ideas for FMQ - just goes to show that inspiration for quilting is everywhere:) Thanks for linking up this week.

  2. Visiting through Let's Get Acquainted - I love how you draw out your FMQ designs and obviously are creatively driven to make quilting an added dimension of art to a quilt. The crinkly cut pattern is kind of cool and I love the inspiration point:)


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