This Week's Favorite Blog Posts! (04/28/13)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

It seems picking just one favorite blog post may not work for me.  Once again, here are a few I liked this week.

Random or "di" - I came upon Di's post via the Let's Get Acquainted link up.  Her Spiral Geese quilt is just fabulous.  Her post directed me to...

Better Off Thread - Janice designed the Spiral Geese quilt and this post catalogs the process of designing and making the quilt.

Both versions are just beautiful.  I see a Spiral Geese quilt in my future.  I think I'll start a Quilt Wish List page to keep track of all the incredible quilts I come upon and want to make.

Домик у моря - Or Cottage By the Sea is from Julia.  She has a really pretty makeup case she's made from a quilted rectangle.  This post lists the steps she took to make it.

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did.

Quilt. Create. Enjoy!


PS: This time I'm late for a very good reason.  My brother-in-law was over for a visit and we all had a fabulous time catching up!

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